Hiroya Tsukamoto

Hiroya Tsukamoto

PLYMOUTH -- Many of the best performances by an array of top performers from all over the globe can be heard this week on The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour.  

Beginning with South Bend Native’s, Nick Gunty and Brian Powers of Frances Luke Accord, performing their devotional song, Maria, along with the violin phenom, Katie Van Dusen.  

The show features a cavalcade of musical talent including Lora Wortman and Cagey Parrish of the Honey Dewdrops (Baltimore) performing a folk/blues song, Follow Me Down; Hiroya Tsukamoto (Kyoto, Japan) playing his ethereal song to a Connecticut mountain, Hobbomock; Caroline Cotter’s (Maine) hope-filled love song, Found; Jig Jam’s (Tullamore, Ireland) energetic hymn to life and sing-a-long, Hello World; Rough & Tumble’s—Mallory Graham & Scott Tyler (Nashville, Tennessee),  playing their song, Monkey Around—featuring a nose-flute solo; Berrien Spring’s (Michigan), Emma Hamel, singing her dramatic song of love & loss, Sound; legendary folk song artist, Bill Staines, (New Hampshire) doing a sing-a-long of his classic song, River; New York City’s, Bill Scorzari, performing his epic tribute to poetry, philosophy, love, and nature, Yes, I Will; and, last, but not least, Honey Dewrop’s emotional paean to songwriting, Let Me Sing.  

It’s an amazing hour of talent and the forthright expression of emotion through song.  Tune in this Saturday at noon on WTCA 1050 AM or 106.1 FM.  

Or, tune in to WVPE 88.1 FM at 9 p.m. Monday.

The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour: A Home for Humans!

The Wild Rose Moon Performing Arts Center is at 115 ½ North Michigan St. in Plymouth. Call (574) 276-1185 for more information.

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