PLYMOUTH — Plymouth Rockies assistant Coach Mike Kershner, his son William Kershner, assistant Coach Gene Skirvin, #78 Warren Sullivan, #64 Sam Driver, and #67 Reggie Vazquez #67 helped move a different Rockpile Saturday morning.

The volunteers dedicated Saturday morning to move large rocks found in the original foundation dating back to 1865.

The Rees Project Co-chair Randy Danielson and Committee Member and Construction Overseer Don Wendell were grateful for support from the team. Wendell is a former Rocky himself.

The rocks will be used by the Plymouth Park Department in the parks throughout Plymouth for landscaping and other projects. Plymouth Parks Superintendent Mike Hite told Danielson that some of the rocks will be used at the River Park Square Kayak Launch. Danielson was pleased with the repurposing endeavor.

Rees enthusiasts participated in the holiday parade in downtown Plymouth Saturday. The theme for the 2019 parade was Christmas on the Silver Screen, which the Rees celebrated by emulating “The Wizard of Oz”. The Wizard of Oz was produced by Metro-goldwyn-mayer adapted from the book written by L. Frank Baum “The Wonderful Wizaard of Oz”. The film was

released in 1939. In August 1939, Stewie Rees began construction on the former Van Vactor Building. The Rees Theatre opened in 1940.

The Rees project committee has recently partnered with Sandy Saenz of Simply Stated Gifts to design and offer a new promotional fundraising product line. Rock glasses, ornaments, and coasters embellished with the new Rees logo are available to purchase. T-shirts, greeting cards, and jewelry are still available.

Information about marquee sponsorship or to place a message on the marquee, email Jack Davis at

More information about the Rees project may be found online at and on Facebook @ Rees Theatre Project. Email general inquiries to Donations to support the Rees project can be mailed to: Marshall County Community Foundation; REES Theatre Fund; 2701 N. Michigan St., P.O.BOX 716, Plymouth, Ind., 46563.

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