The eastern wall of the Rees Theater, shown here earlier this month, has been completely removed for reconstruction.

PLYMOUTH – The Rees Theater has a new name and organizers behind the push to repurpose the former movie house are asking for the public’s help in picking out a new logo for the landmark.

“We are excited about the movement forward in restoring this beloved theater which will become known simply as The REES,” Randy Danielson, co-chair of The REES Project Committee said via email Tuesday. “At this time, a logo is being selected for this multi-purpose venue.”

Organizers are asking for members of the public to vote for one of the two logo designs. Voting can be done via social media, email or phone. Voting closes Nov. 1.

“We are gathering votes for one of the two logos and considering comments that will produce the brand we all can be proud of – just in time to create some REES keepsakes for Christmas stocking stuffers,” Danielson said.

Danielson stopped short of calling the new name and future logo a rebranding for the former movie palace.

“Oddly enough, the theater never really had a brand,” he said. “The R that we used was recovered from the opening night photo as it appeared on the valance above the show curtain. As you can see we are retaining that R and creating a true logo that will represent this renewed venue going forward. During its course of history, ads would use Rees Cinema, but in all my years attending movies it was simply referred to as The REES. So we are applying that because it is no longer simply a theater.”

There’s also one last Saturday callout – Oct. 26 – for volunteers to help with demolition work inside the building. Danielson said work will be done on the building’s apartment level. Some of the demolition work will require heavy gloves and protective eyewear.

The last callout day, Oct. 12, went smoothly, Danielson said.

“It went extremely well,” he said. “With nine hard-working volunteers we completed the removal of the brick walls in the basement and recovered about 600 bricks to be used for repairs on the south exterior wall for a perfect match.”

Organizers ask that volunteers bring five-gallon buckets, gloves and protective eyewear. Masks will be provided, Danielson previously said.

Organizers also ask volunteers to pre-register by messaging the Rees Theater’s Facebook page, emailing or calling 574-286-2391.

All volunteers must sign a liability-release form. The Saturday events are open to volunteers 16 and older, but minors must have a parent’s or guardian’s signature on the release document.

Work on the eastern wall is expected to wrap up by Thanksgiving. After that is completed, a new roof will be installed, Danielson said.

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