Got Game?

Got Game? is at 118 W. LaPorte St. in Plymouth.

PLYMOUTH -- Cameron Carter, manager at the local gaming hub Got Game? and son of owner, Stephen Carter, has a fond smile on his face as he opens up with, “We opened the shop up about three years ago. We were avid board game and card gamers ourselves. We played a lot up at a store awhile away and we kind of noticed that there was a growing community here for that kind of stuff and nobody had really taken the opportunity to try to form that community here. We really enjoyed doing this sort of thing ourselves and we saw that others did too and we just kind of decided to kickstart it and hope for the best.”

Carter not only manages the store but also partakes in the true essence of Got Game?, 118 W. LaPorte St.

Carter explains, “I personally play a lot of Warhammer 40K. It is a miniatures game usually played on a larger table as it takes up a bit of space. You get to choose your characters and paint them up and play with them so it’s really great to really get creative with that. It’s one of the customers’ favorite parts. That game and Magic the Gathering are our two biggest draws in this store.”

Got Game? has something for everyone, from old school monopoly players to Pokémon revivalists.

Carter states, “We’ve got all kinds of stuff, from board games to card games to whatever game you’re really looking for. All genres, all varieties. A lot of people kind of write off board games as just monopoly and things like that but there are games that go beyond the scope of what even modern video games can so people might want to come in and give those a shot if they’ve had or have that thought stuck in their mind. There is a whole new world to explore for all ages and all sorts of people.”

As for why to obtain all of your gamer goodies at Got Game?, Carter begins, “We definitely have a wider selection than other stores. We also have a play space that’s open to people which is unique as you can actually come in and play the games you purchase here, or even other games, we welcome anyone who wants to be a part of this. We are also able to do special orders so basically whatever you need we can find it for you. We have a much more specialized selection for gamers here. A wider variety of decks and sets is available for customers here. The board game community is much more heavy and inclusive here.

“We are like a gamer family here,” concludes Carter.

Fans flock to the store on a weekly basis.

Owen Smith, an avid Magic the Gathering junkie, states, “Got Game? is my sanity. I spend all week working and stressing and waiting for the point where I can meet up with my buds and just spend a good long afternoon playing a great game with great people. Cameron [Carter] is an awesome dude he’s always amazingly helpful with helping us find new decks and new strategies. He’s been known to jump in on games and have a blast with everyone. He’s truly a great gamer and a great guy. If you’re looking for a great shop where you can find good friends, this is definitely the place.”

Mandy “Magic” Marquez, a Pokémon and Magic the Gathering fanatic, states, “In a lot of gaming communities, girls are kind of outcasts or just banned in general. Here, I found a family who couldn’t care less about my gender and just wants to know what new deck I got. They are filled to the brim with great people and great products. I will be a loyal member till I either die or they go out of business.”

Shopping local is important to the Carters’.

According to Cameron Carter, shopping local “definitely helps support the business in general. Not only our business here but the business your niche is in, which is board games for us. Whatever kind of product you decide to invest in for a local business, it helps boost that business niche. Buying local helps grow a community.”

Make sure to check out Got Game?’s Facebook page.

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