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Poll: What do you think of the new MC Mask Ordinance?

County commissioners met on Friday to unanimously approve a county-wide mask mandate that went into effect on Friday, Nov. 20. Ordinance 2020-21 titled “COVID-19 Face Mask Requirements for Local Workplace Safety and Enforcement” references Executive Order 20-48 that went into effect on Nov. 13. As the ordinance states, the “Executive Order requires all Hoosiers and individuals within the State of Indiana to exercise caution at all times and adhere to CDC guidance and the measures outlined in his Executive Order for the safety and health of every person within the State of Indiana and for the safety of those around them. The Executive Order further requires, among other things, all Hoosiers and individuals in the State of Indiana to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when: (i) inside a business, a public building, or other indoor place open to the public.” The Ordinance also has language that imposes consequences on businesses and patrons should they not comply with the mask ordinance. This week's poll asks: Are you in agreement with this ordinance?

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