Yacht Club exits Cove, combines with 115 Grill

While many in Culver may have noticed extensive remodeling to the façade of the new 115 Grill on east Jefferson Street downtown, there’s been a not-so-noticeable change in the business and its sister restaurant, the nearby Yacht Club, which recently opened on the second floor of the Culver Cove resort.
According to John Zehner, developer of both projects over the past several months, the Yacht Club will depart from the Cove and join its operation with 115 Grill (which is located, appropriately enough, at 115 East Jefferson Street), with both entities combining under the Yacht Club banner.
“We really enjoy the owners at the Cove and are sad to move the restaurant,” says Zehner. “However, we were having problems with the facility layout, multiple stairs and air conditioning as we became more and more busy. The place was designed for banquets more so than a restaurant. We will still do the banquets at the Cove and utilize the restaurant area for special events, but decided to move the Yacht Club into our newly remodeled (115 Grill).”
Zehner says the decision “became easy” as the remodel took shape.
“Larry Surrisi (one of the chefs) did an outstanding job of designing the facility at 115 E. Jefferson,” Zehner explains. “The kitchen, general floor plan, bar and outside dining make us very excited to bring over Larry's menu with a few more items that our customers love.
“We will have a wide price range with several fish choices, great steaks and unique sandwiches,” he continues. “We will be open for lunch at least in the summer and are considering breakfast. Chef Greg (Ogle) and our staff will be able to focus full time on our new location and banquets. We feel (it’s) a great move to have the Yacht Club at this new location.”
Zehner added his thanks to Surrisi, who he notes is busy with his relatively recent role as head chef at Culver Academies Dining Hall.
“He still finds time to assist us,” adds Zehner. “He is an amazing talent.”
Information regarding the restaurant’s menu, hours, and more is available online at culveryachtclub.com.