World War Z - Not your usual zombie fare

Zombies. That is the theme of director Marc Forster's, World War Z, now showing in Marshall County at the Tri-Way Drive In.

This is not your usual zombie apocalypse thriller. Instead of the stereotypical zombie eating brains scenario, zombie-ism in this movie was achieved by a bite and spread like a pandemic.In one scene, a zombie hiding in a closet infects an airplane full of people, forcing the main character to blow the plane up to kill the once-human-now zombie passengers.

Based on the novel by Max Brooks and starring Brad Pitt as the hero who tries to save the world from zombies, this movie contains the right elements to move the story along. A cinematic montage sets the opening scenes in Philadelphia, where Pitt's character, Gerry Lane,first encounters the zombies.Lane is a retired United Nations crisis specialist.

This film is rated PG-13. It is 116 minutes in length and is categorized as action, drama and horror.

For those adrenaline junkies in the group, World War Z offers a substantial amount of explosions, crashes and injuries, as well as a few zombie annihilations. With non-stop action scenes as humanity and Pitt's character works on finding a cure to keep humanity safe from the undead, the movie moves along quickly from start to finish.

Pitts' role in the movie was believable, and his star status helps give the film depth and quality. Typical of the one-man versus the end of the world as we know it scenario, his strong characterization of Lane, while capturing the human interaction between Lane and his family, co-workers and scientists, provides that human touch so needed in a film that involves zombies.There is the search for answers and a solution, with the hunt for a weakness in the seemingly unstoppable zombie force.

While World War Z is not my favorite genre of film, it is action-packed, has a good storyline, believable characters with "real life" scenarios. It plays on our fears of the end of the world, gives us moments of breathlessness and a sigh of relief. In these kind of films, we hope for a happy ending for our hero, and while this does come to fruition in World War Z, the journey there is fun and exciting.

But, is there really a cure for zombies? Or will there be a World War Z sequel? Time will tell.