Woman shoots self in Martin's parking lot

PLYMOUTH — An unidentified woman shot herself this morning in the parking lot of the Plymouth Martin's Supermarket.
Mike Smith was leaving the store around 9:30 a.m. when he noticed what looked like a woman sleeping in her car. He then noticed that she had a gun propped between her legs pointing at herself. Smith approached another shopper in the parking lot, Jamie Paxton, and asked him to call 911 because he believed the woman had shot herself.
"(Smith) walked up and asked if anyone had a phone," said Paxton, who was shopping with his wife and two young sons. "Before he finished talking I jumped out of my car and went over (to the woman's vehicle). I checked for a pulse but her throat was already tight and swollen...I think she might have (shot herself) earlier this morning, before the store opened."
Paxton said that the woman appeared to be in her mid-40s. He called 911, and said that Plymouth Police officers were on the scene within two minutes.
Plymouth Police Chief Jim Cox said that beyond the vehicle's New York license plate and the woman's driver's license, they had no other information about the woman or clues as to how to contact her family. He also said that they could not tell at what time the woman had actually shot herself.
Marshall County Coroner Bill Cleavenger was called and further information will be released as it is available.