Who will be the NEXT...

...American Idol? (bdow, bdow, bdow, bdow, bdow)
That's what more than 22 million viewers want to know. Sure, maybe some of them watched the beginning of the show last week because they wanted to see if Steven Tyler was a trainwreck waiting to happen (there's still a strong possibility), if Jennifer Lopez would fill Paula Abdul's role as a soft-hearted, uber-gorgeous diva with verbal rambling issues (she did), and if Randy Jackson would suddenly become the rationale of the show and pick up a backbone and step out of the backdrop - or maybe pick up a British accent (he didn't)- but most just wanted to see if they could pick out the poor waif, typically a waitress or fast food worker with big dreams that makes it through obstacles, controversy and a mucousy cold to become a singing icon. I most confess, I love the first part of the season as they whittle down the thousands of contestants. The initial screening process apparently only involves making sure the people are the correct age (15 to 28) and that they don't have any weapons on them, because talent is something most of them DO NOT have. For those of you who are faithful to other television programming those nights and times, or who have an natural aversion to reality shows, it is a little like watching America's Funniest Home Videos in that you never know what to expect, but the difference is, most of them don't realize the joke is on them. Yes, I feel a little guilty watching people's dreams be squashed like chewed and discarded gum but some of them are truly asking for it, and yes, moving my life around to watch TV faithfuly two nights a week is a little difficult(thank you TiVo) ... but it just makes it that much more refreshing to hear someone who actually CAN carry a tune (maybe even one that doesn't look like a pixie or supermodel that you would find featured on the cover of a CD) and one that is smart enough to know what vibratto means. As armchair judge, I get to agree and disagree with the panel, and like most sports fans, feel like I am a part of the process of changing someone's life forever - even though I know the TV screen can't actually relay what I'm saying to the people I am addressing (think: Are you kidding me? Pass man. PASS!!!). Love it or hate it, go ahead and get sucked into it ... you'll find yourself a little uplifted, singing (or whistling) around the house ... and because unlike SOME reality shows (J.S. like, ya know?), you won't feel like you need to shower after watching it.

P.S. Thanks so much to all who read my blog and to Golden Image Radio for calling me out. Keep coming back and please continue to comment!!!