Who can fix a broken marriage?

WAKARUSA — “Keeping your car tuned up is important,” says Clyde Graves of Wakarusa. “Marriage takes the same kind of attention.” Graves compares working on marriage to maintaining a car. “It’s not a one-time fix. You have to continually provide maintenance to your car and you have to continually work on your marriage.”
Graves and his wife Melissa are serving as the directors of the upcoming Weekend to Remember getaway in Fort Wayne.
Graves has worked as a fireman, construction worker, and as a maintenance man. Now he’s also the volunteer director of a marriage getaway that draws on all his previous training. Graves says you need the right tools for any job — and the resources for working on a good relationship with your spouse are what Weekend to Remember provides.
“We’re passionate about helping people by sharing these tools for marriage,” says Melissa. “Eleven years ago we knew we were in trouble. Then we won tickets to go to a FamilyLife marriage event in Chicago — it was life-changing for us.”
“I went not expecting anything from the weekend. But everything changed,” Clyde added. “The speakers were great and they kept my interest.”
“Our marriage was so bad,” Melissa said. “We had no communication. We used to fight a lot. I felt isolated.”
“We thought it was over — done,” said Clyde. “Our three children, then nine, 13, and 17, were stressed by our strained relationship.”
“Our marriage used to be like two people reading different sets of blueprints,” Melissa said. “We were headed different directions. For us, going to a marriage getaway was a last resort, a radical step. But it was there that God got our attention.”
They found out that communicating openly with each other is key.
“And we needed to learn how to resolve conflict,” Melissa continued. “We see marriages dissolving all around us, but now we hear success stories every day about people at our church and in other towns who are benefiting from these resources.”
Weekend to Remember getaways are held all over the country throughout the year, from San Diego to San Antonio to Boston. And for the past 10 years, Weekend to Remember has been coming to northern Indiana.
The dates this year are Nov. 9 through 11 at the Fort Wayne Marriott.
Melissa, who walks to her job at a veterinary clinic, now brags about her husband, who currently works as a maintenance technician. “I’m spoiled,” said Melissa. “If something breaks, Clyde knows how to make it work. Clyde can fix anything. But it took God to fix our marriage.”
Couples that feel their marriage is in trouble, or that they just need a relationship tune-up can join Clyde and Melissa Graves at the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember marriage getaway in Fort Wayne. Learn more and register online at http://wwwFamilyLife.com/Weekend or call 1-800-358-6329.