Wa-Nee Schools mull over rescheduling

If events continue to progress along a proposed course of action, the 2011-12 school year will be quite different for the Wa-Nee school district. Exactly how the year would be subject to change was a primary topic of discussion at the Monday, March 28 meeting of the Wa-Nee Community Schools Board of Trustees.
The prospective rescheduling would come about through the implementation of a concept known as Collaboration Time. If the measure meets with the future approval of the board, it would mean that for one day each week, for every week in the scholastic year, classes would be delayed by up to one hour. This move, which has already been enacted in several other area school systems, would take effect in every school throughout the Wa-Nee district.
In a press release made available to the media and on the Wa-Nee school website, Collaboration Time is defined as time when “teachers and staff will work on many initiatives to improve instruction, assessment, and ultimately student learning.”
Bus times and school start times would consistently be on a delayed beginning for the as yet to be determined weekday.
During the March 28 session, several representatives from NorthWood High School, NorthWood Middle School, and the three elementary schools gave a presentation to the board, describing what they propose to practice during their one hour of Collaboration Time. The board has expressed their preliminary consent to this idea, having given the investigation of this measure a 6-0 vote at its March 14 meeting.
What follows next will be the board’s official vote to launch Collaboration Time, which is set to take place at the Monday, April 11 session. Much of the board’s time thereafter will be devoted to drafting specifics on how the program will be integrated into the schools.
In other business matters, the board dealt with a handful of personnel issues, including the hiring of Matt Cox as assistant varsity baseball coach for NorthWood High School, effective March 28. Three personnel members on the elementary school level will be departing their positions, including two Woodview third-grade teachers, Kathy McGowen and Anne Hemminger. They will be leaving at the conclusion of the school year.
Jessica Thomas, LRE assistant for Nappanee Elementary School, has also left her position, effective April 1. Jennifer Schrock will be reassigned for the 2011-12 school year, leaving from her position in sixth grade special education at NorthWood Middle School and heading to a position in special education at Woodview Elementary.
Conference leave requests were granted for Julie Blosser, Mitch Gerig, and Rodney Nafziger, all of whom will be attending the NCTM annual conference in Indianapolis from April 13 through 16.  Expenses will be paid by PL 221.
Beth Beer and Barb Detweiler will be spending April 18 at Concord Jr. High School to participate in a seminar on Transition to Common Core, with their expenses being covered by Title 1. Jeanne Balogh and Christine Ramer will spend two days this summer at Warsaw High School for the All Write Summer Institute on June 20 and 21. Their costs are being covered by Wakarusa Stimulus.
Finally, one field trip request was also given a nod, allowing the NorthWood High School boys golf team to travel to The Legends in Indianapolis on April 16.
The next session of the Wa-Nee Community Schools Board of Trustees will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 11 in the Wa-Nee Administration Office. As always, meetings are open to the public.