Votes OK 24-hour parking

NAPPANEE — During its Dec. 27 meeting, Nappanee Board of Works and Public Safety members voted to allow 24-hour parking in the “United Telephone lot” located behind Family Christian Development Center, 151 S. Locke St.
The new designation is in keeping with other downtown parking lots which also allow 24-hour parking. Expanded hours will keep the parking lot open all year. The lot does have one handicap space provided.
“We call it the United Telephone lot because they’re the ones who originally gave it to the city,” said Clerk-Treasurer Kim Ingle.
Seven other matters of business were also voted on during the meeting.
Board members authorized the hiring of Pat Neibert as Fire Station Manager. Neibert is a Nappanee Volunteer Fireman who has worked extensively in the upkeep and maintenance of equipment, in addition to regular duties as an active fireman. He began his new position Jan. 1.
Members also approved an estimated $23,159.17 be paid monthly to Borden Waste-Away in 2011. The decision was outlined in a 2011 refuse collection agreement for trash collection services. The agreement, the third in a five-year contract with Borden Waste-Away, also included costs for large trash removal.
A $95,000 annual agreement of financial support toward the Boys & Girls Club of Nappanee was renewed. The money will be paid in 11 monthly installments of $7,916.67, and one payment of $7,916.63.
Board of Works members also committed $10,000 toward a 2011 agreement with Family Christian Development Center. The agreement continues the city’s support of the center for the needy, which provides help with everything from bill and utility payments to free food pantry items and contact information for medical and governmental programs.
Monthly payments of $850 will be paid to the Kosciusko County Humane Society in 2011 for services offered in assisting the city with unclaimed stray animals.
City of Nappanee Attorney Brian Hoffer will again be hired to provide the city with legal assistance in 2011. His services come at a discounted rate of $105 per hour. The discount is his own contribution to his hometown.
Board of Works members also agreed to apply for a $600,000 Community Focus Fund Grant to assist with cost of the New Well Field Project.