VanVactor honored by Commissioners

PLYMOUTH — It won’t be long until Marshall County Sheriff Jon Van Vactor will move on into retirement and the Marshall County Commissioners took the opportunity at their Monday meeting to express gratitude for his service.
The Commissioners passed a resolution in “…recognition of outstanding accomplishment…” for ensuring the safety of Marshall County residents as well as his contributions to the construction and design of the current Marshall County Correctional Facility.
VanVactor joined the sheriff’s department in 1978 and served for 32 years. In that time law enforcement in the county has undergone drastic changes.
“I remember that first night in 1978 when I was finally ‘turned loose’ by myself I was the lone deputy on duty in all of Marshall County that night,” he said. “It was a pretty awesome night to be responsible for the entire county, about 20 square miles.”
The jail has also seen a drastic change from his original night of service.
“I remember we had 10 or 12 inmates in the old jail,” he said. “Now it won’t be long until our new jail is full and we’ll be talking about options again.”
Accepting the praise of the Commissioners for his work in service to the county, VanVactor had some praise of his own.
“I truly believe that this is one of the best counties in the state,” he said. “I think that really speaks for itself. The reason it’s that way is because we have officials who work together to get things done. The taxpayers should appreciate that.”