Uceny trips on last lap

PLYMOUTH — Plymouth native Morgan Uceny tripped on the last lap of the women's 1500 meter race in the Olympic finals today, to the dismay of a large group gathered in the Plymouth High School auditorium to watch the event live and cheer her on.
Erica McIntire and her 7-year-old daughter Mallory were among those present who expressed disappointment the unexpected turn of events.
"She's still a hero in our eyes, because just to make it (to the Olympics) is a huge accomplishment!" said McIntire.
McIntire, who teaches first grade at Webster Elementary School in Plymouth, said she brought her daughter to see the race because "it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it's important for kids to see."
Mayor Mark Senter, also present for the screening at the high school, said, "It's very disheartening to see what happened today but it's a part of life. (Morgan) has so much class, and her family loves this community. This has been a fun month, from July 1 until now — it's been a fantastic five weeks, we've had fun with it."
Senter continued, "To have a world-class athlete coming from our community and from our city is absolutely fantastic."
Following the end of the race, PHS principal Jim Condon announced that a community event would be held soon to show further support and encouragement for Uceny and her family.