Triton schools warns of incident of 'stranger danger'

BOURBON — Schools superintendent Donna Burroughs posted a warning on Facebook after she learned children were approached by a stranger this morning.

Burroughs did not have any details at this time, but confirmed she had been contacted by county police. The children were on their way to school and the stranger, identified only as a male, wanted the children to get into his car.

"All of our students are safe as of the writing of this message," Burroughs said. "I've also contacted the local police to make them aware of this incident."

Posting it on Facebook was a way top share the information and urge parents to make sure they make sure their children understand the dangers.

"I'm sharing with you in hopes that everyone will take the time to have a safety talk with their children about never accepting rides with anyone," Burroughs said. "It's also a good idea to have some sort of password that you and your children will use if someone other than Mom or Dad needs to pick them up. If the person trying to pick them up does not know the password, then it's a 'stranger-danger,'" she advised.