Triton plans new parking lot, improved access

BOURBON — While constantly trying to upgrade its physical facilities, the Triton School Board approved a $107,000 improvement to the way handicapped students and the public access the jr./sr. high school.
The paving improvement was authorized at the regular school board meeting Monday.
At issue is the distance which must be traveled to enter the front doors of the building. Currently, both the front entrance and the south doors are protected by a camera and remote lock system which is controlled from the office. Visitors must declare their intentions and be monitored to enter the building for safety of the students and staff.
The south doors are considered too far away from the office for adequate supervision of visitors and delivery personnel. Therefore, the south entrance will no longer be available for visitors.
This presents a problem for convenient access since the front doors are a long walk from the street access. To solve the problem, the corporation will construct a new parking lot adjacent to the front doors and a driveway connecting it to the street.
The project will be completed with funds on hand from the physical improvement budget and from the remainder of a bond issue which must be used this summer or be lost.
Personnel matters were an important part of the meeting as the school corporation prepares for its fall school opening. The following staff actions were approved:
• Retirement — Sharon Bules, Triton Elementary teacher, and Kris Berger, Transportation Director for 31 years;
• Resignations — Jayne Deaton and Cara Wise, Triton Elementary teachers, Connie Feldman, cafeteria worker, and Rosemarie Meadows, custodian;
• Hires — Casi Painton, fourth-grade teacher, Samantha Phenix, second-grade teacher, Alli Heeter, chemistry/physics teacher, Charlene Koenig, 7th-9th grade guidance counselor, Craig Groves (brother of varsity basketball coach Jason Groves), computer technician, summer school teachers Shawna Shively, Jill Finley, Dawn Gould, P.J. Watkins, and Brittney Brosman, and summer school instructional assistants Pat Shearer, Denise Shafer, Ashleigh Hanby, and Mary Hayes.
Policy documents were approved, having already been reviewed and amended by appropriate administrators and staff. These included the elementary and secondary student handbooks, the elementary school reading textbook adoption, the textbook rental fees, and the revised athletic handbook.
With the advent of technology and the fact that most textbook publishers are no longer printing textbooks, fees are now required to access online books. The corporation’s administrators have tried to manage expenditures so that parents will not see much difference in textbook rental fees next year.
The state’s RISE evaluation system for teachers and school personnel was approved in modified form for Triton personnel as is true for most other area corporations.
A standard fiduciary bond was approved to cover Triton personnel who handle money, including the school secretaries and the extra-curricular activities treasurer.
Approval was given for eight to 10 agriculture students to travel with new Agriculture teacher April Leeper to Louisville, Ky. Oct. 30 through Nov. 2.
Permission was granted for the Little League organization to hold a circus fundraiser Aug. 26 on school property to raise money for the new Kyle’s Koncessions stand recently dedicated.
Elementary school playground equipment, some of which dates back to the old school building, will be replaced with approval of a bid from Game Time Playground Equipment. Part of the money required comes from a grant, while labor will be provided by volunteers under the supervision of Game Time. An added bonus is that this particular company refurbishes the old equipment it dismantles and gives it to third world countries.
Superintendent Donna Burroughs noted in her report that she had completed her first full year at Triton.
“I enjoy being at Triton,” she said. “We have a good Board, administrators, and teachers, and it is a pleasure serving here.”
Jeremy Riffle, elementary principal, thanked this year’s retirees and resigned staff for their contribution to the school. He also welcomed the new elementary hires.
He reported that Camp Invention, new at Triton this year, was a resounding success. He also reported that summer school began Monday.
Bob Ross and Michael Chobanov, jr./sr. high school assistant principal and principal, respectively, reported that their teaching positions for the fall are now full, and that custodians have begun cleaning the building for the fall.
Many room changes are being made due to schedules and other factors. Light poles on the sidewalk are down and ready to be replaced, and the drive will be resurfaced as a part of the paving bid from Niblock Excavating reported above.