Triton invests in school's appearance during community work day

BOURBON — A small group of teachers, parents, and kids gathered at 8 a.m. Saturday outside Triton Elementary School.
Their goal was simple — spruce up the school. As the sun grew hotter, the group spilt up to cover two different areas: landscaping in the front of the building, and renovating the playground in the back.
“It already looks so much better,” said mom Monica Best, waving her hand at the see-saws that were being painted bright blue — a big improvement from their earlier chipped state.
Several men shoveled dirt and gravel out from under the play equipment, aided by machines provided by Geiger Trenchless Solutions and Creative Gardens Nursery.
“We started talking about overhauling things in December, try to make it look as nice as possible,” said Triton Elementary principal Jeremy Riffle. “We meant to do it in April or May, but with the end of school it didn’t happen.”
Riffle continued, explaining the school was looking for a way to get the community involved in making the school the best it could be.
“Great things go on inside our school and we want the outside to reflect that too,” said Riffle.
Jonah Best, one of the parents working on the playground, took a break to explain why he was spending a Saturday in the sweltering sun moving piles of rock behind an elementary school.
“It’s about taking pride in your community, taking pride in your school,” Best said. “It’s a community project.”
“This is where the kids relieve their stress,” said Monica Best, referring to the playground. “It can’t be brand new, but it can look a lot better.”