Triton Elementary students celebrate Veterans Day

BOURBON — It’s never too early to start teaching children gratitude for our country’s freedoms, and that’s just what teachers and faculty at Triton Elementary have been doing recently. The student body turned out Friday to honor area veterans with a special performance.
The 6th grade class kicked off the festivities, singing a song about different branches of the military to the veterans gathered.
After their song was over, principal Jeremy Riffle introduced a special guest—Will Erwin, a Bourbon resident who served in the Army during World War II and also served on advisory boards for four different U.S. presidents.
Erwin told a story about walking to school as a child and being afraid of a neighbor because the man was old and had frightening looks. Erwin said that his father corrected him, explaining that the neighbor was a “hero” having served in the Civil War.
“I want you to think about the heroes that live (around) here,” said Erwin to the students. “Virtually all my generation served in the Armed Services, and I don’t know one that regrets it.”
Erwin concluded his speech by encouraging students to think positively about America.
“We all talk about what’s wrong with (America), but it is absolutely the best country in the world,” said Erwin passionately.
The statement was met with thunderous applause from both student and veterans’ sections of the room.
Riffle presented Erwin with a “Triton Pride” T-shirt, adding that Erwin exemplifies the values that the school encourages their students to have. Riffle also said that some students in the room would probably join the military later in life, and thanked them in advance for their service and sacrifices for their country.