Trainer needs a few good people for boot camp

PLYMOUTH — Michelle Bougher wants area residents wishing to get into shape to come to attention.
Bougher is offering a fitness “boot camp” in a very unique setting. The four week program is for those who are willing to jump in boots first.
“It’s a little different than just going to the gym,” said Bougher of the program. “This is for people who want to make a little more commitment to the program. It’s not just the workouts but also nutrition and a full healthy lifestyle.”
The setting isn’t just going to the gym either. The sessions — held three times a week — are set at Centennial Park in Plymouth.
“We get together right there by the big wooden playground (on the park’s west side near Michigan Street),” said Bougher. “We have all the equipment we need right there. If the weather gets bad as we head into winter we will move the sessions to Plymouth Family Tae Kwon Do (in downtown Plymouth.)”
The time requires some commitment as well. Sessions begin at 5:45 a.m.
“That lets anybody who has to get the kids to school or get off to work have a chance to get a great work out in right away,” said Bougher. “Then they have plenty of time to get everybody off to school and have the whole day to look forward to.”
There will also be evening sessions beginning at 6 p.m. for those who can’t make the early morning.
Bougher is certified in group fitness as well as having an Aerobics and Fitness Association of America certification in personal training and has seen great results with the program.
“Lots of people want to have magical results – work out once a week, eat whatever they want and still get fit,” said Bougher. “People committed to this program – the nutritional information and the lifestyle – have seen really great results.”
For more information or to sign up you can visit