Town expects more options for television service providers

BREMEN — Bremen’s town attorney Anthony Wagner discussed the changes that will be occurring with the public’s choice of cable company in three years. In 2015, Bremen’s contract with Mediacom will expire; due to a law passed after the town initially signed on with Mediacom, any cable company that finds there is interest here can decide to provide business. This will not cost the town any more money, and will provide the town with more choices for cable service. After 2015 it is entirely possible that every home on a street will have a different provider. “…The town doesn’t lose any money, and the people get some choice,” Wagner said.
In other business, Bill Reed, the Bremen Wastewater Department Superintendent, asked for approval from the council to begin relining sewer lines on five city blocks. He said that tree roots have started to grow into the lines and it would be prudent to attack the problem before the winter months.
“We need to reline them before they deteriorate even more; it’s getting to a place where the roots are getting in at an alarming rate and starting to plug up the sewers,” said Reed. He also reviewed for the council quotes from four different companies that could be used to complete the job; the cost will be under $50,000, well within the town budget. The council approved his request to begin relining the sewers using the company with the lowest quote.
Rich Martin, director of operations discussed the desire of Larry Kipfer, the parks superintendent, to begin excavation on the corn field by Jane’s Park presently owned by Welborn Farms. Kipfer would like to introduce two bids to the council: one for the excavation of the land to prepare it, and another bid for the actual construction of the site. The purpose of having two bids would be that the first bid could potentially be completed with money from this year’s budget, and the land would be halfway ready to develop for next year. The plan is to level the land to prepare it for sand volleyball courts, a green area, and perhaps other recreational sites in the future such as a splash park. The motion to allow Kipfer to divide the bids in two was carried.
Martin also explained the town was called to inspect some trees for a rare Asian beetle that infests and kills trees called the emerald ash beetle. It was found that there were some infected trees that were past chemical treatment and needed to come down completely. In anticipation of a coming infestation, the council felt it would like to raise awareness of the problem and begin chemical treatments of trees in the spring. The next town council meeting will be held Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. and is open to the public.