Town to begin ticketing for ordinance violations

BOURBON — Beginning in January, the town of Bourbon will be enforcing various ordinances through the newly established Ordinance Violations Bureau. Town clerk Kim Berger said that while these ordinances are not new, the method of enforcing them is.
Tickets will be doled out to residents for such offenses as neglecting to mow lawns, excessive noise, and others. Fines will vary depending on the offense. A draft of ordinances was discussed Tuesday at the town council meeting. Zoning and building commissioner Bill Keyser mentioned that he had sent more than 70 letters to residents in the past week notifying them that they need to mow their lawn. The council discussed what type of tickets would be handed out, and who would be writing the ticket. Although Keyser had originally been the person responsible for citation, it was decided that police chief Bill Martin would write the new tickets for safety reasons.
The council also discussed the holes they saw in the current list of ordinances. Several new decrees were suggested, including forbidding alcohol in the park and discharging firearms within town limits. It was also suggested that an ordinance be written stating that airsoft guns, bb guns, paintball guns, and other similar devices should only be used “in a safe manner.”
Changes to the ordinances will be included by town attorney Mark Wagoner, and the list will be further discussed at the council’s next meeting.