Team is runner-up in national Bible Quiz

NAPPANEE — Coming off two straight championships, the renowned team of young men from the local Brethren in Christ (BIC) church advanced to the finals of the BIC Denominational Bible Quiz championship, but fell to a very strong team from Crossroads BIC Church in Pennsylvania in the title match.
The tournament was in Grantham, Pa., and as is its custom, the Nappanee team stormed through the field in the preliminary rounds winning 11 matches (including a 240-40 pummeling of eventual champ, Crossroads) and losing just three.
Seeded first in the tournament, the locals stormed to the top of the winner’s bracket, but a motivated Crossroads team came out of the loser’s bracket and defeated Nappanee twice to claim the crown. On two occasions, had a question been correctly answered by Nap-panee, it could have clinched the match and the title.
The seven other Bible Quiz teams in the tournament all advanced to the finals by winning or finishing as runner-up in their district, and represented more than 300 BIC churches in North America. Nappanee BIC’s Ben Zercher, currently a junior at NorthWood High School, finished as the top quizzer in the tournament, earning a $1,000 scholarship to Messiah College, should he chose to matriculate there. Zercher also received the prestigious Quizzer’s Choice Award, voted on by all of the other teams and given to the quizzer who best exemplifies quizzing ability, Christ-like character, and team leadership.
Other members of the team included Sam Sittler and Justin Hochstetler, both of Nappanee, currently juniors at NorthWood; Garrett Flow-ers of Nappanee, an eighth-grader at NorthWood Middle School, and Dan Schramm of Bremen, a junior at Butler University.
Dr. David Rosentrater, a member of Nappanee BIC again served as the team’s coach and inspirational leader.
Bible quizzing as conducted by the BIC involves studying a specific book or group of books in the Bible (this year, the books were 1st and 2nd Corinthians), then answering 20 questions in direct competition with another team. Questions include quotations (verses), two-part questions and phrases, and reference questions.
Speed is of the essence, as the person who thinks they know the answer to the question “jumps” as soon as possible, regardless of whether or not the questioner has finished the question.
“Jumping” sets off a small buzzer and the “jumper” is then required to correctly answer the question, complete the verse, or quote an entire verse with 100 percent accuracy. A correct answer is worth 20 points, and if the jumper cannot answer correctly, the opposing team gets a chance to answer correctly (after hearing the question in its entirety) for 10 points.
Nappanee is known for its incredibly quick and accurate “jumpers,” particularly Zercher who was head and shoulders above the competition.
The quiz team was honored with a dinner and awards ceremony at the Nappanee BIC church Sunday, Aug. 8, and also treated to what has become an annual northern Mich-igan canoe trip as a reward for their efforts.
The team returns everyone but Schramm for 2010-2011 and has already received practice materials for the Gospel of John as they try to regain their title.