Take Time For Perspective

Take Time For Perspective
From the Front Lines
A Circulation blog
The famous line from Shakespeare which we all know “all the world’s a stage” continues to explain that we each have a perspective And everyone in our view naturally comes to us through our unique prisms, they all play a role in our life production.
It occurred to me that I have hired a young lady to deliver one of our weekend products who is but 14.
What this means, for us non math-majors, is she has lived the entirety of her life in this century.
I know it was coming but I thought I had a few years.
The inevitability of her view of the world contrasted with mine, not that we exchange deep philosophical thoughts, is essential to living in this world at this time.
We all move over for the next group. We have created w world in which their ascension is possible and welcomed and breathtaking.
As we created the daily miracle that is a newspaper, as we deliver it to your doors, it has never been more evident that I get to work with folks of all ages, from 80+ to, well, 14 and too young to have a designated cute name like Baby Boomers (the best of all generational nicknames).
Yet we all work in concert, as a moving group that does one thing well and often. We come to the party from all over the area, but we all get to the pickup spot and then, whammo!, start delivering on the fly and on time,, keeping the daily promise that is the compact between readers and newspapers.
We all learn from each other, every day. We all deliver for each other.
I have often said circulation at a newspaper is the front lines. We meet the folks who read the stories and peruse the ads and look at the pictures. We are the folks you think of when you think of your hometown newspaper. If we do not do our job, at the finish line, a great story will remain unread, a picture unseen, advertisers will miss connections with their clients.
I am Mike Siroky, manager of circulation, happy to represent all the hard-working delivery people who get our product to your each day.