'Sweetest Church in Plymouth' seeks answer to sticky problem

PLYMOUTH — Plymouth Church of the Brethren would probably be Winnie the Pooh's favorite place. They happen to have honey dripping down the walls of their sanctuary.
"We've never had a problem like this before," commented pastor Ruth Yoder. "It's kind of interesting to figure out how we are going to get to the bottom of it."
The honey came from a colony of bees that were exterminated from the building in July. Although the bees are now gone, the honeycomb they left behind began to leak down through the ceiling after the church replaced their roof in October. The sweet stuff has caused some issues for the church's normal operations. They have moved some furniture out of the way of the leak and are putting off use of their projection screen until the honey problem is solved.
"I think this is rather unusual," said Yoder. "I don't know of any other church that has honey dripping on their altar table."
Thin lines of honey are visible trailing from the decorative cross at the front of the building. Yoder said that the bees made their home in the cross during the summer.
She said that the church trustees are considering several ways to get rid of the honey. One is to place waxworms near the honey and letting them eat it. Another option might be to remove planks in the ceiling until the location of the honeycomb is found. Yoder said a combination of these methods may be used to eradicate the honey.
In the meantime, church trustees have cranked up the heat in the sanctuary, hoping that the toasty temperature will cause the honey to drip faster. In the meantime, churchgoers can enjoy the unmistakably pleasant scent of honey that fills the room.
"I told the church last Sunday, 'Now we can say we're the sweetest church in Plymouth,'" said Yoder jokingly