Suspicious man visits Bourbon daycare

BOURBON — On the morning of April 25, 2011, a man who identified himself as Mike Johnson walked into First Step daycare in Bourbon and began questioning director Becky Wampler, who was taking care of her invalid father, about the facility.
The man said that he had a 2-year-old daughter and he was looking for a daycare for her. Wampler said that although he claimed to have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, he appeared to be too old to have children that age. After looking into all the rooms, the man sat down on the couch.
“He said, ‘Is this all the children you have?’” said Wampler.
He then picked up one of the four children currently in the daycare, shocking Wampler who still had her hands full with her father.
“He picked her up and started rubbing her arms and legs,” recalled Wampler.
The man, described by Wampler as 5’8” or 5’9” and wearing a baseball cap and dark glasses, then offered to change the child’s diaper. Wampler said that she knew that something was wrong and whispered to a woman working out in the fitness room attached to the daycare to not leave her alone with the man.
“I had this gut feeling not to trust him and not to turn my back on him,” said Wampler.
She took the child from the man, refusing his offer to change her. Wampler said that the man became insistent and would not leave until he noticed a man entering the fitness room.
“He took off,” said Wampler, adding that the man drove away in a Buick Sable.
Wampler contacted the Bourbon Police department after the incident.
Chief of police Bill Martin said that the incident is currently being investigated.
“Immediately after (the report) we made contact with the Marshall County Sheriff Department to alert any area daycares of the incident,” said Martin.
Martin said that another daycare in town, Kool Kids, had a similar man come into their facility earlier who was acting strangely. The man was looking around and tried to enter the area where the children were, but was told he could not enter.
The incident at Kool Kids daycare was never reported to the police, according to Martin.
Since April, First Step daycare has installed a buzzer system and passcode locks on its doors, said Wampler.
“We’ve checked out every possible lead,” said Martin, adding that the police have no suspects at this time.