Students learn about health, wellness

PLYMOUTH —The 2011 Washington Elementary Health Fair was a learning opportunity not only for elementary students, but also for the volunteers running the fair.
Junior and senior high health students of Crossroads Academy created booths and activities used for the fair, and formed teams to teach the elementary kids important health information. The high school students picked the topics for the activities, ranging from dental health to bullying. At each station, the elementary students had the opportunity to complete a hands-on activity to receive a prize.
“Everything we have here today, they can touch,” said Jona Cartwright, a Crossroads Academy teacher. “Anything (the students) can put their hands on, they really like.”
Outside, obstacle courses, relay races, and group dances added to the student’s learning. A fire truck from the Plymouth Fire Department was present, along with a display about how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll.” Firefighters George Cook, Fred Berkeypile, and Rich Cartwright assisted students aboard the fire truck for a tour.
The health fair has been a fundraiser for the school in the past, but school nurse Barb Peden said they decided to do something different this year because of the bad economy. Each student brought in a free will donation of canned food on the day of the health fair. The cans will be donated to the food pantry.
“It’s good for the kids to learn to give to other people,” said Peden.