Stormin' Through

From the Front Lines
A Circulation blog
The winds of summer whipped up quite the frenzy this week.
None of my circulation folks were out in it, but we all saw the results: Uprooted trees, branches everywhere, a string of telephone poles pulling down electrical feeds. Many of my cohorts were without power for several days. No fun.
Of course we all delivered papers in the altered landscape the next day.
The one that caught my eye was one of those trampoline with sides nets flung into a cornfield across the street as if by some giant child dismissing a play toy.
And then, at one gas station in the affected area, they finally got power back and then had no gas because the trucks were delayed. A gas station without gas is strange indeed.
We get to see the wonder as well as the brutality of nature the very next day, in the hometown neighborhoods and distant rural fields. I think of the trees that had been living longer than me, suddenly gone in one blast.
Nothing is forever.
We were all thankful no one we knew, customers and family, were killed. We made our deliveries as usual without skipping a newspaper destination.
It’s what we do. We live this life so we all can smile at each other, every day and the next. We all deliver for each other.
I have often said circulation at a newspaper is the front lines. We meet the folks who read the stories and peruse the ads and look at the pictures. We are the folks you think of when you think of your hometown newspaper. If we do not do our job, at the finish line, a great story will remain unread, a picture unseen, advertisers will miss connections with their clients.
I am Mike Siroky, manager of circulation, happy to represent all the hard-working delivery people who get our product to your each day.