Stone Creek Homes opens in Plymouth; brings more than 30 jobs to residents

PLYMOUTH — Stone Creek Homes, based in Nebraska, recently opened on Markley Drive in the former Shamrock Homes production plant.

Shamrock Homes went out of business in spring, but thanks to owner Pat Flynn's mentorship to a young man in the 70s, the plant is seeing activity again.

Dave Ferguson, co-owner of Stone Creek Homes and a 1970 Plymouth grad, remembers working with the Flynn family during his breaks from school in the 70s. It was Flynn that first offered Ferguson the chance to get into the industry.

Ferguson decided to bring his business to Plymouth mainly, he said, because of "the need for jobs in the area."

Stone Creek Homes has already hired 15 employees, and is actively looking for at least 15 more. Human resources director Jerry Eledge said that they will eventually build to 50-70 total employees.

"I have interviewed over 500 people in the last three weeks," said Eledge, adding that priority is given to former Shamrock employees and Plymouth residents.

During a press conference Friday morning, Ferguson thanked the Flynn family for their commitment to the community.

"We are here because a great leader named Pat Flynn, Sr. built a factory," said Ferguson. "Let's not look back and say what did not happen, but look back and say what did happen."

Ferguson also praised his recently hired employees, saying that they came in desperate for work and have proven themselves to be quality workers.

"They are shining above any employee I have in Nebraska," said Ferguson.

Mayor Mark Senter also spoke, saying, "This is a good day in Plymouth—we are starting out with 20 plus jobs but we are looking at tripling that before this is over."

Hodge Patel, district director for state representative Joe Donnelly, was also in attendance at the press conference.

"We often talk about the large corporations, but unfortunately they are not the ones creating jobs—it's the small businesses," said Patel.

Stone Creek Homes build modular code residences for several states, and commercial structures for the oil and gas industry. On Friday, production workers were building a four bedroom home that will be shipped to North Dakota when completed.

The majority of the homes are used by oil workers so they do not have to spend money on pricey hotel rooms, said Dan Flynn, operational manager.