Stitching group remembers Sherwood at the fair

ARGOS — It all began when a group of casual acquaintances in the Marshall County area decided to take a needlepoint class together in Delphi in the early 1980s.
After taking the class, they decided to meet once a month to complete their project, a needlework Christmas tree. The group still meets today, but without one important member: Margaret Sherwood, who passed away last August from complications of a stroke.
Because of her heavy involvement in the Marshall County 4-H fair, members of the group decided to create an exhibit to honor her memory in the open class building during this year’s fair.
The exhibit includes items made by Sherwood for the other members as well as items that the members made for her.
Sherwood always urged everyone else to enter an exhibit in the Marshall County 4-H fair, according to Silvia Bieghler of Plymouth, a member of the stitching group.
“She was such a cheerleader for the 4-H open class exhibits,” said Bieghler,
“(Sherwood) nearly always made a project, or two or three, to exhibit at the county fair,” said Jane Yochum, co-superintendent of the open class building. “Because of that her friends wanted to create a tribute for her at the fair.”
According to Bieghler, the group that started as women with only a common interest in needlework grew to be close friends over the years.
The stitching group still meets today. Although they have long since finished their original project, Bieghler said that they simply bring whatever they are currently working on.
The Margaret Sherwood exhibit can be viewed in the open class building at the Marshall County 4-H fairgrounds.