State Senator challenges Argos students

ARGOS — State Senator Randy Head (R), visited Argos High School Tuesday to discuss new legislation that would exclude the bottom five percent of ISTEP scores when they are used to evaluate students and teachers.
Head said that since the system currently includes the scores of special needs and English as a Second Language (ESL) students, the average score of all students is lowered. By taking away the lowest five percent of scores, Head believes a more accurate portrayal of schools could be obtained.
Head took a few minutes Tuesday to address the high school students, encouraging them to make the most of the opportunities ahead of them.
“How many of you think that there is nothing to do in Argos?” asked Head.
Most of the students in the auditorium raised their hand. Head told them that he realizes they probably plan on moving to a bigger city after graduation, but that they should reconsider. He pointed out that jobs are available locally for those with the right skills.
“You’ve got to make yourselves marketable and get a set of skills that no one else has,” said Head.
He told the students about Justin Zimmer, who founded Zimmer, an orthopedics company based in Warsaw, in 1926 after being told by his employer that he was just “small potatoes.”
“We need several more Justin Zimmers in our community,” said Head. “The only thing that really limits us is our perspective that we can’t do more. All of you can overcome whatever obstacles are in your way.”
Head shared honest stories about his past career as a prosecuting attorney and how he decided to get into politics. He allowed time for questions at the end of his speech, and answered the students with respect and seriousness. Students asked Head to explain his position on current bills being discussed in the Senate and his plans to create jobs in the area. One also asked, “How well do you think Argos represents Indiana?”
“I don’t know,” mused Head. “This is the first time I’ve ever been in your school. I’ll flip that question back to you…what do you like about this school?”
After some encouragement from his peers, the student admitted that he appreciates the one-on-one attention he gets from his teachers. When Head asked him to state one thing he would change about the school, the student responded, “Lunch,” causing laughs all around the auditorium.
Afterward, Head said that he enjoyed speaking with the students and finding out what matters to them. He said that one of his goals in visiting area schools is to discover the needs of those in the education system. Head also visited schools in Tippecanoe, Mentone, and Culver Tuesday.

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