Starke prosecutor drops charges against Knox teacher

Former Knox Middle School teacher Todd Boldry has voluntarily permanently surrendered his teaching license, and a motion to dismiss the charges against him was filed Wednesday, Feb. 27 with Starke County Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall, who granted the state's motion to dismiss today. However, the granting of the state's motion is just a formality of sorts, as the power to charge or drop charges lies with the state.
"Technically, as in this case, the prosecutor (Nicholas Bourff), representing the State of Indiana, filed a Motion to Dismiss. The law requires the Judge to grant the State’s motion to dismiss. The Judge has no discretion," said Starke County Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall.
Boldry was charged in August with official misconduct and child seduction, both Class D felonies, after he was accused of having a sexual relationship and fathering a child with a former student, who was 17 when the relationship started in the fall of 2007.
According to Bourff, the victim, who no longer lives in Starke County, gave her initial deposition in December to both Bourff and Knox City Police Detective Dave Combs. During further discussion with the victim, Bourff said she stated that her primary concern was with Boldry continuing to teach; and she agreed to dismiss the charges if he voluntarily surrendered his license.
Bourff said he worked with a neutral attorney at the Indiana Department of Education to determine the terms of license surrender and that the DOE would have access to all case information on Boldry, including any agreement reached.
On Jan. 24, Boldry signed a stipulation of voluntary permanent license surrender to the DOE, which was accepted Feb. 19 by Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz.
Bourff said, “I give a lot of credit to the victim coming forward in the case. She has cooperated fully with us throughout the case. I knew it would be a highly publicized case and testifying would be difficult.”
Combs and Bourff investigated to determine if there might be any other victims; but no one has come forward and no other charges have been filed against Boldry.
Knox School Superintendent A. J. Gappa was not available Thursday for comment.
Leader Editor Cheryl Patrick
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