Standoff ends without incident

MARSHALL CO. — A potentially tragic situation was averted Thursday thanks to the cooperation of several first responding departments.
Around 1 p.m. Thursday, police, fire and EMS were dispatched to a home on 11B Road just outside of the city of Plymouth.
A man at the residence had doused himself in gasoline, barricaded himself in his driveway with old lawn mowers and mo-peds and threatened to light himself on fire.
He held a large lighter in one of his hands.
After four tense hours, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department with Indiana State Police and the state police’s emergency response team, were able to flank then rush the subject before he could light himself on fire.
“We were able to rush in and kind of surprised him before he got away,” said Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin.
Chamberlin thanked the state police as well as Plymouth’s Fire Department and EMS.
“It was good cooperation all around,” said Chamberlin. “We had to utilize all those services.”
After being looked at by a medic, the man was admitted for a 72-hour detention at a mental health facility.
Chamberlin declined to comment on what caused the man’s actions.
Nobody else was home at the time of the situation.
Because the man was detained for a psychiatric evaluation, his identity was not released.