Smokeless tobacco shop opening in Nappanee

NAPPANEE — Tuesday, Feb. 7 will be the grand opening of the Vapor Mill, Nappanee's first and only smokeless tobacco shop.
Owners Andy and Julie Karnes returned home to Nappanee for the sole purpose of opening a shop like the ones they'd enjoyed so much in Texas in years prior.
Living in Dallas, Julie explained, the smokers of 15 and 20 years, had been looking for a way to smoke less and had tried basic electronic cigarettes with no luck.
"We came across a vapor store closer to our house and found JoyTechs," Julie recalled.
Out of curiosity, the couple began searching for stores that sold similar items near their hometown of Nappanee, and found very little.
"There's plenty of options in every large city but if you look at this area — there's on in Kalamazoo, Chicago and Kokomo," Andy explained of the smokeless tobacco shops he and his wife had become fans of over the years.
"We've always had the entrepreneurial spirit, so we decided to pack up and move home," he said.

**To read the entire article, see the Jan. 30 edition of the Nappanee Advance News.