SJRMC to add new downtown location, hire additional physicians

PLYMOUTH — If your family receives medical care from Plymouth Family and Internal Medicine at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) in Plymouth, you may soon have a shorter drive to doctor’s appointments.
SJRMC will be opening new outpatient offices in February, at 209 E. Jefferson St. in the previous Madison Center building. The expansion will allow the hospital to extend care to more patients at a convenient location.
The new facility, intended to eventually support four health care providers, will be initially staffed Monday through Friday by Dr. Tod Stillson, M.D., Susie Cook, F.N.P., and Lisa Mae, R.N./Dietician.
Construction is currently underway for what will be called “Plymouth Family and Internal Medicine Downtown.”
“We are excited about expanding to a second site,” said Stillson. “We wanted to expand to where our (patients) are located.”
Stillson pointed out that the Michigan/Jefferson intersection is one of the busiest in town. Placing the new offices there not only adds convenience for patients, but also increases the visibility of SJRMC. Fixing up the area by remodeling the empty building and creating an attractive parking lot where a dilapidated building once stood, added Stillson, allows SJRMC to add to the many efforts made recently to improve the look of downtown.
“We are very cognizant of our role as a leader in the community,” said Stillson, adding that the enhancement of the area will “reinforce what is happening in downtown Plymouth.”
A future phase of the city’s Greenway Trails project will add a walkway near the new medical offices, connecting Centennial Park to the planned downtown park, River Park Square. Stillson said that SJRMC had collaborated with the city and the park department superintendent to ensure that the parking lot they are building does not interfere with the trail.
Stillson said that SJRMC is aggressively pursuing the hiring of new physicians and nurses, a process that he called “very competitive.”
New providers are needed both to work in the downtown offices as well as to fill the space at the hospital site. He added that for each additional physician hired, up to four support staff members would be needed. These job openings can be viewed on SJRMC’s website,, as they become available.