Six Bremen student-athletes attend IHSAA Student Leadership Conference

BREMEN — Six Bremen High School athletes attended the 9th annual IHSAA Student Leadership Conference. Over 700 student athletes, 150 adults, 40 speakers and 60 adult and student facilitators participated in the event held on June 19 at Plainfield High School.  
The focus of this year’s conference was sportsmanship and leadership. The themes of three general sessions and over 30 breakout sessions defined positive behaviors and the importance of emerging adults to serve as role models for youth. The goal of the day’s activities was to equip student athletes with leadership skills and to assist school administrators in creating a positive school environment in their communities.
“The purpose of the conference has always been to help reinforce what is learned through interscholastic athletics and apply that to other aspects of a student-athletes life,” said IHSAA Assistant Commissioner Sandy Searcy, who has served as the Conference Administrator since its inception. “We want to assist them with life skills and information they can take with them to impact their own schools and communities.”