Sisters vacation together for 30 years

NAPPANEE — The Jewell girls are celebrating 30 years of sisters’ vacation together. 
They, with their brother, Vernon, are children of the late Rev. Marvin and Ruth Jewell who pastored the former Nappanee Pilgrim Holiness Church 1948–1954. 
Rebecca returned to Nappanee when she married Wayne Haney in 1966.
It all began in the summer of 1983, when, on a whim, we decided to make a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee taking Mother with us.She died two months later. The trip brought so much enjoyable time together, that we decided to do it again the next year, in Mother’s memory.”
This summer marks 30 years of making time for each other. 
Some years we have taken ‘big’ trips, other years have been more modest, depending on how much time and money were available.
Among our more adventurous include Prince Edward Island to buy Anne of Green Gables dolls, Haiti to visit Reba during her time as a missionary nurse, Wisconsin’s House on the Rock (Our brother, Vernon joined us on this venture.), Niagara Falls and lower Canada, River Cruise on the upper Mississippi, Branson, Missouri, delivering gifts to a children’s home in Macon, Georgia.
On the ‘stay near home years’ we enjoyed such places as Lincoln country in Kentucky, Indiana State Parks, Amish country in Northern Indiana and Creation Museum in Ohio.
Our destination one year was to visit all the churches and parsonages where Dad pastored as we grew up.
This brought precious memories and sometimes tears as we remembered. 
Another vacation we took the ‘guys’ with us and rented a house boat on a lake in Tennessee. 
(At the end of this time together, one of us said, “I hope they don’t expect us to include them every year.”) 
Our favorites are:  
Reova – Prince Edward Island
Roberta – Visiting the churches and parsonages
LaConda – Haiti
Rita – no favorite
Rebecca – Tennessee Lake house boat
Reba – House on the Rock
Each of our 30 years of memories is recorded in personal scrapbooks as we corporately shared photos, memorabilia, and creativity.
We have been asked, “How do you all get along together, don’t you ever disagree and fight?”
Of course, at times we have engaged in quite opinionated, heated, discussions, but when we part, we always hug and Rebecca says, “I’m glad we did this.” 
We all agree!
This summer we plan to return to Gatlinburg where this all began. Perhaps we can buy some red artificial flowers like those Mother brought, and were still in the bag when she died.