Season opens at Plymouth Speedway

PLYMOUTH — The roar of engines, the smell of race fuel with a hint of popcorn, and a chill in the air filled the Plymouth Speedway on opening night Friday.
It was an exciting night of racing that saw four drivers at the winner’s podium in the Outlaw Late Model, Late Model, Street Stock and Hornet classes.
The Outlaw Late Model race went a little more than halfway before a spin involving Brian Ross and Rich Boal brought out the night’s first caution. Racing for the lead, Ross got under Boal, turning him sideways on the backstretch. “Radical Rich” Boal returned to the lead position at the green flag and held on for the remainder of the race for the win.
Following Boal was Steve Stacy in second and Mike Shewchuck in third.
Boal thanked his car owners and team after the win.
“We all worked our butts off this winter to get where we are today…I haven’t been to victory lane in awhile, so it feels good to be back,” he said.
Plymouth’s Shawn Amor dominated the Late Model division with Kevin Gunkel and Boal finishing behind in second and third. Amor drove in three divisions Friday, running from the R&B Car Company winner’s podium to his Street Stock car for the next feature.
“We got a bunch of good drivers out here. That’s why I like racing out here, with clean drivers and good cars,” said Amor.
Amor made a trip to the winner’s podium again in the next race, where David Long took the checkers, followed by PeeWee Warren in second and Amor in third.
“I’d just like to thank everybody that helps out on the car every week,” said Long after thanking his sponsors. “I really appreciate it.”
It was a fast and furious Hornet race, with Daren Miller dominating the field of four. Sal Bustamante finished second with Garrett Saunders in third.
OUTLAW LATE MODEL DASH – Bobby Stremme picked up the dash win in the Outlaw Late Models to kick off the night.
HORNET HEAT – Sal Bustamante and Garrett Saunders battled for the lead after Daren Miller – who got off to a quick start and made a little contact after getting loose in turn 2 – of the Hornet’s heat. Miller came back and made it three-wide and took over the lead, as Saunders and Bustamante continued to make a little contact at the corners. Finishing out the Hornet heat was Jamie Henriksen.
OUTLAW LATE MODEL HEAT – Bobby Stremme took an early advantage as Shawn Amor battled Brian Ross on the inside with Steve Stacy following behind on the outside lane. “Flyin’” Brian Ross passed Stremme at turn 3 and finished in the lead. In the second heat, Roger Northrop took the early lead and broke away. Rich Boal finished second.
LATE MODEL HEAT – Shawn Amor and Kevin Gunkle brought around the pack of six cars in the heat. Tom Hellinga and Gunkle battled for second, ending with Gunkle winning that battle and Hellinga coming in third.
STREET STOCK HEAT – Shawn Amor pulled away and kept the lead the entire eight laps, with Jeff Stetler and Pee Wee Warren in the Street Stock heat of seven cars.
Final RESULTS — The following is the complete list of results of feature racees in Friday’s opening night at Plymouth Speedway (Listed in order of place, #Car, Name):
#2B, Rich Boal
#95, Steve Stacy
#6X, Mike Shewchuk
#29, Roger Northrup
#11R, J.R. Roahrig
#42, Brian Ross
#28, Shawn Amor
#14BU, Bobby Stremme
#14, Michael Thayer
#4, Adam Terry
#3, Mike Horvath
#67T, Zach Tanner
#1, Scott Ross
#28, Shawn Amor
#12G, Kevin Gunkel
#14, Rich Boal
#49, Craig Bontrager
#31, John Marshall
#84, Tom Hellinga
#54, David Long
#2, PeeWee Warren
#28A, Shawn Amor
#67, D.J. Frost
#89, Jeff Stetler
#33, Derek Wunder
#97, Tim Birk
#46, Joe Coffin
#10M, Daren Miller
#22, Sal Bustamante
#14, Garrett Saunders
#0, Jamie Henriksen