School supplies for Culver Community Schools

Recommended supplies for the elementary school:

One box zip bags gallon or quart
One package Napkins or I roll of paper towels
Two large boxes of Kleenex
Four large glue sticks
1 package plastic spoons or forks
1 package paper plates small or large
One container of disinfecting wipes
Full size backpack/book bag (large enough to fit a folder. No wheels please)
Do Not Buy: Crayons, pencils, scissors, erasers

School Backpack
One Zipper Art Bag (No Boxes)
One Clear Plastic ruler with inches and centimeters
48 #2 pencils - Sharpened
One Fiskars scissors for kids (clip point)
Two boxes of 24 count crayons
One box of quart-size baggies
One bottle white glue
Two large boxes ofkleenex
Four glue sticks
One large disinfectant wipes
Important math item: Baggie with 25 pennies, 15 nickels, 15 dimes, 2 quarters. Please put name on baggie.
Do Not Buy Markers, colored pencils or sharpeners
Leave all supplies in original containers and label everything, even coats. Please bring supplies to open house night.

24 sharpened pencils - No Mechanical pencils
Backpack (normal size)
One old clean sock
Personal ear buds, labeled
Two pocket folders
One - 70 page wide rule spiral notebook
One pink eraser
Supply bag with zipper. No boxes.
Scissors -
Four glue sticks -
Three large boxes Kleenex
Major Accent highlighting marker, yellow
One box plastic zip-top freezer bags - any size
Six quarters - 10 dimes - 8 nickels - 20 pennies in a labeled zip-locked plastic bag
No trapper keepers or 3 ring binders. Bring supplies to Meet the Teacher night.

Wooden ruler (metric and inches) - Glue sticks
Art box or bag
Crayons (box of 24). No markers.
Colored pencils
One yellow highlighter
One dozen pencils (no mechanical pencils)
2 large boxes of Kleenex
One-inch 3-ring clear view binder
Two plastic pocket folders without prongs (blue and red).

One pedigree eraser
Pencil box and pencil bag
One package of 150 page white wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper (not spiral bound)
Wooden ruler with both metric and inches (no flexible rulers)
Colored pencils
Four black only dry erase markers
One glue stick
Two boxes of Kleenex
Do not buy Trapper Keepers

Two pads of 114” ruled graph paper
Colored pencils
Pen with red ink
Paper (loose leaf or spiral bound)
Three boxes of Kleenex - scissors - Glue
Four different colored pocket folders
Art Box/Supply Box
Four Dry Erase Markers
Five Subject Spiral Notebook
One pair earbuds (in plastic baggie with name on it)

Accordion style folder
Six folders (3 hole punched)
Pack of 200 loose-leaf notebook paper (One per semester - college rule)
Art pouch or box for supplies
Two dry erase makers
Pencils and erasers (one dozen)
Colored pencils (small box of 12)
Highlighters: yellow/pink/blue/orange
Full size scissors
Two Boxes of Kleenex
One pair of earbuds or headphones

ART - Grades 1-2-3-4-5-6
Pink eraser
Bottle of white glue
Glue sticks
Colored pencils
Eight-color-watercolor set
Art box,
One subject notebook
If these supplies were already purchased for the grade level classroom there is no need to by it again for art class. Please put name on all supplies.

All students will be expected to have gym shoes for Gym class. These may be stored in student lockers
One subject notebook

Choir Grades 5 and 6
Two pocket folder
One subject notebook

Pencil for Band
Instrument Cleaning Supplies (Woodwind and Brass)
Sticks and Mallets (Percussion)
Essential Elements 2000 Method Book
One subject notebook

Recommended supplies for middle school:

7th Grade
One box of Kleenex for Reading/Literature
Two boxes of Kleenex/Homeroom
Pencils- wooden #2 or mechanical
Two Spiral Notebooks
Spiral Notebook, 5 subject, for Math
For English 7:One 3-ring binder with 4 tab dividers.
One pocket folder,
Red pen
Blue or black pen
Loose leaf paper, college ruled

8th Grade
Planner for organization. This can be booklet or an IPad app
Two boxes of Kleenex/Homeroom
One 3-ring binder with folder on cover, 2 inches for Math & Language Arts
One 3-ring dividers with folders for Language Arts and Math
Colored Pencils, 1 box
Earbuds - basic earbuds compatible with the Ipad 2
Graph paper/Math
Ink pens - black or blue
Paper - loose leaf (3 ring) paper College Ruled
Pencils- #2, two boxes of 12
Ruler - clear plastic 12”/30 cm
Spiral Notebook - 1 each color blue, red, green (for Social Studies, Science, and Math)
Algebra 1 & Pre Algebra - Scientific Calculator, example: Texas Instrument TI-30XS

1 box colored pencils
Wood pencils
Large eraser
Black permanent marker