Scammers use local company's check to commit mail fraud

BOURBON — Faulkner Fabricating, a company out of Bourbon recently learned that a third party has been mailing out fraudulent checks to people across the country.

“It started out Thursday last week,” said Paula Johnson, an employee of the company. She received a call from a man who resided in Toledo, Ohio.

“He told me the check number and it didn’t match up with the run,” she said. “It had the routing number, account number, and our address.”

But the checks had left off the phone number for Faulkner Fabricating.
The gentleman had been told that he could keep $600 if he cashed the check from an email he had received. A similar call from a woman out of Tennessee came into Johnson’s office. She too had received an email.

As of Aug. 15, Faulkner Fabricating had been informed of 14 checks that people from across the country had tried to cash.

After speaking with a US Postal Inspector, Johnson was informed that the fraud was an inside job, and could have been “an insider at a financial institution somewhere, in a bank” that was the cause of the fraud.

The scheme is a new twist on an old con.

“There are a million variations on the scheme,” said Postal Inspector and PIO out of Gary, Mary Johnson. “They’re hijacking the corporation’s name. It’s like identity theft for a corporation.”