Rockies looking to grab first home, NLC win vs Tigers

PLYMOUTH — A wise man once said “A win is a win is a win,” and Plymouth’s Rockies are in agreement with that sentiment.
“It’s been a tough time for a lot of us...(Principal) Jim Condon and (Athletic Director) Roy Benge and lots of other people that have supported our program and the things we do,” said Plymouth Head Coach John Barron. “Winning does help a lot of things — the biggest of which we had a great summer, we’ve told our kids that their hard work will pay off and this helps them believe what we were saying. As a coach you really want to see your kids rewarded for hard work.”
That hard work came into play last week on the road at Rochester as the Rockies came out on top of the Zebras in a tough contest.
“We didn’t really do very well up front offensively and that’s something that we didn’t notice until we saw the film over the weekend,” said Barron. “I don’t know whether it was having too many of those kids going both ways or what the problem was. Maybe we were a little gassed, but we didn’t play with a lot of tenacity and we weren’t very aggressive. Maybe some of our guys are just one side of the ball guys and that’s fine too. I think we’ve got it taken care of.
“That and we still gave up too much yardage in the passing game.”
As Warsaw’s Tigers come to town with a record of 1-1, the Rockies will also have to deal with another distraction.
“I’ve been a member of this community for 22 years. My family and I are avid Blueberry (Festival) goers,” said Barron. “Our kids have grown up with this, and the things that we try to get across is that the weekend is a lot better if you win a football game on Friday. I think we have some things lined up with our seniors with the day off school on Friday to have our guys watch film or other things to have some semblance of normal. We’ve already dealt with a lot of distractions; this isn’t anything new.”
The Tigers present the difficulty of speed, size and depth in a much improved squad for the 2012 season.
“I think Coach (Phil) Jensen has come to the conclusion that they want to run the ball,” said Barron. “They get off the ball really well, and they are similar to us in the fact that they want to run the football.”
“Their defense runs to the ball really well,” he added. “They play a 3-3, 3-5 stretch similar to what we saw with Bremen and what a lot of the aggressive (defensive) coordinators are going with these days, and they all run to the ball well.”
Suspensions that have held many Rockie starters on the sideline will come to an end at halftime of Friday’s game, which should help add depth. With or without those suspended Barron knows what his team has to do to win.
“We’ll still have a young quarterback out there for the whole game Friday so we have to take care of the ball,” said Barron. “I think they will run the ball until we make them throw it so it’s important that we get off to a big start. We can’t give up the big play.”