Robin Hood to take the stage at Lincoln

PLYMOUTH — The Lincoln Jr. High Auditorium will become Sherwood Forest for an evening as the school’s theater department presents the play Robin Hood.
The show opens Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Lincoln Junior High Auditorium. The show is one hour in length. Tickets are 4 dollars for adults and 2 dollars for children.
Featured in the cast are: Lauren Deisch, Justin Puglisi, Giuliana Davis, Gabby Garver, Trey Metheny, Cam Carter, Riley Rose, Eric Burch, Kaytlin Evans, Taylor O’Neal, Austin Dixon, Cassie McPherron, Riley Rose, Victoria Leazenby, Brian Hernandez, Sierra Strickland, Alexis Aistrop, Hannah Walker, Haley Mills, Izzy Miller
The crew is: Ivy Johnson, Mikayla Harrison, Alivia Hartle, Melanie Cooper.

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