Riverside to have 1:1 computers

PLYMOUTH — Riverside Intermediate will be the next school in the Plymouth Schools system to offer 1:1 computers for their students in grades 5 and 6.
Principal Donna Burroughs asked the school board members this week for permission to purchase computers for 30 certified staff members, an anticipated 571 students for the 2012-13 school year, and 49 reserve units. The annual cost was noted at $165,351.75 and would be under a four-year contract totaling $661,407.50.
Burroughs said she will be following the steps taken at Lincoln Junior High and Plymouth High School for implementing the program at the intermediate level. Each student in the schools has a computer assigned to them. At LJH and PHS students are allowed to take home the units. Burroughs did not indicate whether that practice will be in place at Riverside as well.
Burroughs said she has been focusing on staff training in the technology needed.
“This will increase the levels of engagement on behalf of students and parents in technology,” she said.
According to Bruce Johnson, corporation technology director, the infrastructure is already in place in the building. Burroughs said she will have to add four more access points during the 2011-12 school year.
“A team is piloting the 1:1 program this year and the team members will train the other teachers,” said Burroughs, adding there are a group of students who have been using the 1:1 program this year and will be helping other students next year.
Burroughs said she is developing a plan to instruct students on the proper use and care of the computers.
In order to help monitor what sites the students are visiting, Burroughs said she is purchasing a monitoring program for the office staff, adding that the current library aide will be trained in the asset manager program as a part of the project.
Superintendent Dan Tyree said the corporation will seek quotes for the purchases. Burroughs said the purchase has been budgeted in the Capital Projects fund.