Riverside celebrates 'watch' status

PLYMOUTH — It was a day of celebration at Riverside as the school was officially named a “School to Watch” in the state of Indiana.
Dignitaries including the Indiana State Superintendent of Public Education Dr. Tony Bennett were on hand at the school to celebrate the naming of Riverside as a School to Watch - an honor that has responsibilities attached to it.
“It means when other schools see something that you are doing that they would like to try they are going to call your school and ask questions,” said Bennett speaking to the assembled faculty and students of Riverside. “It means that you are a mentor school, helping other schools be better.”
The award was the culmination of a process begun when Principal Donna Burroughs sought to become a School to Watch in the state. Examination and input from students, teachers, parents and others led the panel of educators making the determination that Riverside in Plymouth was one of those outstanding schools that should not just be honored but given the status as mentor to other schools hoping to achieve.
“We are celebrating six years of hard work,” said Plymouth Superintendent of Schools Dan Tyree to the student body. “We began this years ago debating whether or not we should create a fifth and sixth grade building in Plymouth Schools. You are the proof of why we made the right decision.”
Riverside is the first “Intermediate” school awarded the honor of School to Watch and one of only four schools in the state of Indiana.
“You heard Mr. (Gerald) Mohr (Executive Director of the Indiana Association of School Principals) tell you that being a school to watch is the same as being a number one seed (in the NCAA basketball tournament),” said Bennett. “Its better than that. That’s the top four in a field of 64. There are more than 2,000 schools in Indiana. You are one of the top four in 2000.”