Rescue tube donated to FD

ARGOS — Culver Young Farmers recently donated a Liberty Rescue Tube to the Argos Fire Department, after firefighters and some of the Young Farmers took a class on grain rescue sponsored by Purdue University in February.
The tube comes apart in four pieces, and can be wrapped around a person trapped in grain.
“A lot of us are farmers, and we need (the tube) in our community in case someone gets trapped,” said Culver Young Farmers advisor Mike Jones. “We decided Argos would be a central location for Marshall County.”
“It’s something that I think is a big advantage to have because you don’t know when (an accident) is going to happen,” said Argos firefighter Tucker Thayer. “If you have somebody trapped, the tube is four pieces that are like semi circles. You can put the pieces around them, and get them out of the grain. There have been other things (for this situation) but I think the tube is by far the easiest and the best.”
Argos fire chief Mark Dean said the tube works by taking the pressure of the corn away so the individual trapped can be pulled out.
“I hope we never need to use it, but there’s always that chance,” said Dean. “There could be a need, and it’s important to know how to extricate if that ever arises.”
Dean said he is not aware of another rescue tube in Marshall County, and said that the Argos Fire Department will assist other county departments with a grain rescue if such a scenario were to occur.
Jones said that the $3,000 needed to purchase the rescue tube was raised by the members of the Culver Young Farmers group. Group members solicited donations from agricultural businesses, banks, and insurance companies around the county.