Republicans unseat NJ incumbents

Donna Henry won the North Judson Clerk Treasurer’s race by a slim margin against long-time North Judson Clerk Treasurer Connie Miller. Henry garnered 50.46 percent of the vote, while Miller received 49.54 percent. The final count was a victory by four votes. Henry had 221 votes to Miller’s 217. Henry said she was appreciative of all the support she received from the community.
“I would like to thank all of the North Judson residents who came out to exercise their right to vote. And I especially want to thank all of the voters who supported me,” she said.
Henry said she was pleased with the way the campaign was run by both her and her opponent.
“I would also like to thank Connie (Miller) — we ran a really clean campaign; and I look forward to a really smooth transition.”
While voters are important, there were others who also helped Henry along her campaign journey.
“I would also like to thank my family and the Republican Party for all of their support,” Henry said.
The other race in North Judson was for Town Council Ward 3. The incumbent Dan Anderson (D) was also unseated. However, Tim Cummins ( R ) his opponent won by a larger margin. Cummins received 63.01 percent and 276 votes to Anderson’s 36.99 percent and 162 votes.
Cummins said he was pleased with voter turnout and the voters who supported him.
“I would like to thank the people who came out to vote. Despite the weather, we had a really good turnout. I especially would like to thank those who showed a vote of confidence in me. I plan to use my experience and background to assist the current town council in conducting the town’s business,” he said.
Hamlet also had two races. And the victories were divided between the Democratic and Republican Parties.
Kristine Pitts (D) won the Clerk Treasurer race. She claimed 57.69 percent of the vote while her Republican challenger Debra Goble received 42.31 percent. Pitts final vote count was 75 to Goble’s 55.
Dave Kesvormas Sr. ( R ) won the seat for Hamlet Town Council Ward 2 against his Democratic opponent Dean Goble. Kesvormas received 60.77 percent to Goble’s 39.23 percent. Final count for Kesvormas was 79 votes to Goble’s 51.
Pitts said she is looking forward to her duties as Hamlet’s new clerk treasurer.
“I would like to thank everybody that supported me and who came out to vote. I am looking forward to working with the town board, and being there to assist the people of Hamlet to the best of my ability,” she said.
The City of Knox only had one race in this election and Donald Kring (D) claimed that victory by a landslide against his Republican opponent Thom Morin.
Kring received 78.87 percent of the vote, while Morin finished with 21.13 percent. Final tally was 321 votes for Kring and 86 for Morin.
Kring had high praise for a very special person in his life.
“I would like to thank my wife — she’s been my biggest supporter. She stood by me all the way. ‘Behind every good man is a great woman,’” he said.
And despite the fact that most of the races were unopposed, Kring said he appreciated all of those who still went to the polls.
“I also want to thank everyone who voted. Even though there was only one race, voter turnout was great,” he said.
Kring also had high praise for his opponent’s platform.
“I would like to say Thom (Morin) has opened up a lot of eyes to the responsibilities that businesses should have already been meeting for the handicapped,” he said.
Once he takes his seat on the council, Kring said he plans to work hard for the people who put him in office.
“I plan on being a voice at the city council. I’ve talked to a lot of people and there are so many concerns out there. And my concern is for the voters,” he said.
Starke County currently has 4621 registered voters. Of all those registered, 873 went to the polls, while 105 cast absentee ballots. Total votes cast were 978.