Red Cross confirms closing of Garro Street house

PLYMOUTH — While the question of where the Marshall County chapter of the Red Cross will go, there is no debate that the chapter house on Garro Street will be closed.

Friday of last week, American Red Cross Chairman of the Marshall County Chapter, Carol Arnett, received a call from Indianapolis. Susan Norman, Outreach and Resiliency Director for the Red Cross, informed Arnett the Plymouth chapter house would be shut down and vacated by June 21 giving her less than 30days to find a new home for the Marshall County Chapter.

“The decision comes from the organization’s national movement to look at old houses owned by the Red Cross,” said American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis CEO John Lyter, “ Specifically buildings that don’t meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.”

In The Red Cross’s effort to re-amp the organization, the current Marshall County Chapter House will be up for auction as there are 3 similar chapter buildings in Indiana that will also be auctioned. The new location is pending as Arnett is exploring options in the short time frame given.

(For more on the story, check out the June 7 print edition of the Pilot News.)