'Race' brings in $ for school

PLYMOUTH — If you drove by St. Michael Catholic School Thursday, you might have noticed groups of children doing laps around the building in tie-dyed shirts. All 171 of the students enrolled participated in this year’s “Race for Education” where students sent letters to their friends and family requesting sponsors for the one-day event.
“The whole school is involved,” said principal Trudy Nawara Thursday. “And it’s a beautiful day for it. Sometimes when it’s too hot (the students) can’t last very long.”
First grade teacher Mary Spoore said that students prepared for the event by making the tie-dyed shirts two weeks beforehand. Teachers, staff, and parent volunteers were all needed to supervise the runners, pass out bottled water, and stamp the children’s cards when they finished a lap. Each grade came out for about an hour. Volunteer Evie Schwenk, who has a granddaughter in first grade and a grandson in fourth grade at St. Michael, said that this was her first year helping out at the event.
“They look forward to this every year,” said Schwenk. “They look forward to how much they ‘earn’ for the school.”
The money brought in by the student’s donation letters will go toward technology updates for the school and new security doors.