Primary Election: Harman, Cleavenger win

MARSHALL CO. —Republicans Tim Harman (State Rep. District 17) and Bill Cleavenger (County Coroner) won in Tuesday’s primary election, defeating their opponents Francis Ellert and Les Trump, respectively.
Harman received 3,142 votes in all, nearly 60 percent of votes cast for either Harman or Ellert.
Cleavenger received 3,331 votes in all, 68 percent of votes cast for Cleavenger and Trump.
Harman said that he was surprised at the results but attributes his win to hard work.
“I did hit 8,000 doors, I worked hard, I put it in God’s hands and here it is,” said Harman Tuesday night.
He continued, “I’m still in disbelief. I want to thank everyone who helped us out and I’m so thankful that we had everyone volunteer. We really did run a grassroots campaign, and I’m proud of that.”
Cleavenger also expressed some thoughts following his win Tuesday.
“I want to congratulate Les on the race that he put on, he ran a very positive race,” said Cleavenger. “I’m looking forward to serving the people of Marshall County as I have the past four years and I want to thank the voters for their confidence in me.”
22 percent of all registered voters in Marshall County cast a ballot in this year’s primary, according to Marshall County clerk Julie Fox. There were 6,259 total ballots cast, including absentee. There were 742 absentee ballots cast.

Other results are as follows:

US President (R)
Newt Gingrich — 6.96%
Ron Paul — 13.05%
Mitt Romney — 62.70%
Rick Santorum 17.28%

US Senator (R)
Richard Lugar — 38.46%
Richard Mourdock — 61.54%

US Rep. District 2 (R)
Greg Andrews — 29.23%
Jackie Walorski — 70.77%

US Rep. District 2 (D)
Dan Morrison — 46%
Brendan Mullen — 54%

Committeeman Center 2
Randy Burkholder — 43.75%
Robert Manuwal — 56.25%

Committeeman West 1
Tim Pletcher — 47.44%
Donna Pontius — 52.56%