Preteen, adult tractor pull is new event at Blueberry Festival

PLYMOUTH — If you have ever wanted to get on the little tractor and see how far you can pedal a load at a fair or festival, now is your chance. New this year, the Blueberry Festival Committee has scheduled an adult tractor pull to complement the kids’ version.
This is not a “thrown together” event, either. Professional tractor pull staging has been contracted with D & M Events located in Fair Oaks, near Rensselaer. Owner Mark Reed has been transporting his equipment and running adult tractor pulls for four years. The Blueberry event will take place on Saturday, right after the kids’ tractor pull. This year, Reed has conducted pulls at the Jasper County Fair and the Newton County Fair, where he had to run two simultaneous lanes to accommodate all the participants.
There will be four classes of preteens/adults: 10, 11, and 12-year olds; 13, 14, and 15-year-olds; 16 years and up men; and 16 years and up women. First, second, and third places in each class will be awarded trophies. Pictures of winners will be posted on D & M’s Facebook page. Two tractors will be used according to the age classes. In the two older classes, a T100 Cub Cadet lawn tractor has been adapted for pedal propulsion. The adult pulls, following closely after the kids’ events, make this a fun activity for the entire family.
Another sport which is not as common in Marshall County is the adult trike race. D & M has been conducting these for ten years. In this event, preteens and adults negotiate an obstacle course on an adult tricycle. The company will be staging this event in Knox for the Knox Harvest Festival the weekend before Blueberry. They will be doing “2 up,” an event in which one blindfolded participant rides the trike while a partner walks beside them and tells them how to turn. The results are frequently hilarious. Although trike races are not scheduled for the Blueberry Festival this year, they might be an option for future years.
Pedal tractor pulls are a part of Americana. Thanks to the Blueberry Festival Committee, the entire family can participate at this year’s festival. For more information on adult tractor pulls and trike races, go to D & M Events on Facebook.
The preteen and adult tractor pull will take place at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, September 1 at the basketball courts near the Plymouth Goshen Trail entrance to the park.
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