Preparing for demolition: ReStore volunteers go through Cook building

PLYMOUTH — The Cook building on Michigan Street will be removed over the next several weeks, as part of the River Park Square downtown renovation project. One of the first steps was allowing Habitat for Humanity ReStore workers to go through the sizable empty building, removing anything of value. They did so Friday, and found more than they expected.
"I'd never been in here before, and when I came in my eyes just lit up," said ReStore store manager Stephen Guriel, as he and other volunteers removed boards from the walls.
Guriel said that the boards will be sold for about $5 each at the ReStore.
The removal of the long-standing landmark will be a process, according to Plymouth mayor Mark Senter.
Senter said that Michigan Street would be closed for six hours in the morning of May 6, as approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety, to allow for the front of the building to be removed.